What does photography mean to me, a property consultant in Bangkok, Thailand?

"Photograph" is a word of Greek origin. Taken from "Photo" meaning 'light' and "Graph" a 'drawing with lines' which when taken together means 'drawing with light', but to me photography is so much more than that.
A photograph is a "Record", a word of Latin etymology, where "Re"  comes from 're-store' and  "Cord" stems from "Cor" meaning heart,  or taken together meaning "taken to heart'.
Dreams, friends, loves, cherished places, memorable events: these words conjure forth images in our minds, that we or others have recorded over our lives. These pictures give shape to our memories and stories, which in turn help to form our view of the world.
So here is a collection of my photography. The images of the people and places that have beguiled and compelled me to record them and to share them with you here.
I've grouped them broadly into people and places, and what doesn't quite fit will be covered in my blog, so whilst you are here check that out too and perhaps even get in touch or learn a bit more about me.

Marcus Burtenshaw