Welcome / by Marcus Burtenshaw


First of all thanks for visiting my little corner of the web. Its not the first site I have ever owned or run, but this one means the most to me. 

At the moment its a showcase for my hobby, and my very own place to share my thoughts on whatever happens to be taking my interest. Given that my twin passions are property and photography, these subjects are likely going to come up pretty often. 

I may well share some basic photography tips, but given that I am very much still honing my craft I am just as likely to recommend other tutorials and learning resources that I have found and use on a regular basis. 

As for my photography it should be of no surprise to see that most of my images will be of  cityscapes, landscapes and architecture, but I am interested in and experiment with all aspects of the digital photography medium. 

But it is my hope to show you the cities that I know and love, through the bespectacled eyes of this commercial real estate geek.

See you around,