The Russians Are Coming / by Marcus Burtenshaw

and that was the title of a recent photoshoot held by the Bangkok Photographers Group on facebook, about 20 models turned up and whilst I did get to shoot some girls, for some reason the overwhelming majority of my subjects were guys. but that's cool, it was a Trade for Prints session, which meant we were all there to develop our experience. 

It was just my second time shooting with models, and the first time that I got to work one on one and had full control over my own lighting setup. For whatever reason I decided I didn't really want to shoot against a white wall. everybody else was doing this, and I thought I'd try something different, so I used a single speedlight fitted with a honeycomb grid. This modifier really restricts where the light falls, but at the edges it falls away softly.. well that was the idea. 

On reflection I could have probably have been served well shooting at a slightly higher iso to preserve some details in the shadows and still maintained a dark and moody feel, which was my aim. 

We were told that we could bring props, and the only thing that I had was an old BB gun that was a good replica of a Colt 1911 that I had purchased a while ago to go with a Magnum PI fancy dress costume I had put together ... dont ask... 

So yeah, it may be a bit cliche, but instead of doing straight up portraits a theme began to emerge. The set may not be my best examples of photography, but we all had a great time putting it together, even though it was like an absolute sauna in there... i am fairly sure I lost about 2kgs that day!

So check out the gallery below for a selection of my shots from the Russians Are Coming photoshoot