The Temple by Marcus Burtenshaw

Prasat Sadok Kok Thom Dec 2016

The Passage of Time

December 2016

Drive for fours hours to shoot 304 images over three hours in a jungle temple in the dead of night, drive back. For one image. 

304 images, each 25 seconds, (5 sec interval), all at ISO 800, F2.8, 15mm on a Tamron 15-30mm and my trusty Canon 6D

My photography journey 2016 by Marcus Burtenshaw

Like many things in the world, photography is something that is easy to do and perhaps impossible to truly master.  

There are so many facets to explore within this medium making the term 'photography' itself practically meaningless. Holiday selfies to war photojournalism, and everything that lies between.  Landscapes, sports, wildlife, abstract, conceptual, fashion, architecture, forensic, macro, Astro photography and within those (and more besides) seemingly endless sub-genres and specialisms. 

All of these fascinate me, and when I started on this journey I couldn't tell you what I liked more. However over the past year I believe that I am beginning to get a better sense of the direction where I see my photography going.

My first love is and always will be the views from the rooftops of the cities of the world, where we live and work. My intention in the new year and beyond to explore more, but to place a greater emphasis on light, but also to challenge myself to capture the feel of the city from locations a little closer to the ground.

The second area is people. Over 2016 I found myself going down the rabbit hole that is lighting and studio work. I love the challenge of lighting, and the creative freedom thxat abounds from working with models, make up artists, set designers.

I expect to explore this aspect more deeply in 2017 and will challenge myself to develop stories and let concepts develop from that. 

I hope you accomplish all that you have planned for yourself, your family, your work and your friends in 2017! 

Uploaded by Marcus Burtenshaw on 2017-01-01.