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Sometimes the quality of the picture isn't important... by Marcus Burtenshaw

So today is the last day of my very first exhibition. It's a shame that I was unable to get to see it there, in person.After all it was displayed in a gallery in London, and as proud as I am of this, it is still on the other side of the world and I still have a day job and a family, but this where the internet once again shows how amazing it can be.

A friend in the USA, who I have only ever 'met' online asked a friend of his in London, who I have never interacted with, to go to the gallery and take a few pics. They very kindly shared these images with me, together with profuse apologies for the quality of her shots, however, for me I couldnt care less. 

Through her eyes and the lens of her camera I was able to see my photograph hanging on a wall of the Printspace gallery in Shoreditch London, in the Alamy / Photocrowd / Digital Camera magazine exhibition. A moment that I will remember forever, especially now that I have her photos